Friday, August 26, 2022

it's been 2 years

 I haven't done this in a while, while? More like I haven't posted in 2 years!. I don't know what happened to me. I created this blog in 2020 when covid hit it was a coping mechanism for me and my thoughts I was 12 years old. reading these posts now makes me think about how I had an actual good life and was overreacting back then. Why? I was happy, I had a nice body I did good in school I had good friends.

in 2020 after quarantine I got into this group of friends which included me my 2 best friends of 10 years T and Z and a new girl we will call her A and one of her friends N plus this quiet girl with Z we'll call her J. it started off with the four of us but then T left us because she was tired with them whereas I stayed in the group they always badmouth T and made her look bad in my eyes but I always considered her as my best friend so I didn't really believe them but for the sake of the group I thought I had to keep a distance with T which I did. 

now I'm back with T and they are my biggest enemies ever, I call them the witches and the biggest witch of all is Z. Funny one day they are your best friends ever and the next they are the girls that make fun of you, the girls that talk behind your back. Life is strange sometimes the people you trust with your heart ends up stabbing you in the back well that's what happened to me.  

I really don't know where to start but I just needed to get it out. 

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